Workshop III: PLAYING THEORY – A playful introduction to queer theory

Date: Sunday, July 18th 2021, 1.30 – 3.30 pm

Place: Kein Museum or at the park nearby 

Registration: By July 10th via ein@keinmuseum.ch (max. 15 participants) 

When working at the intersection of queer theory and game studies, queer theory is usually seen as the practice and game as the medium. In this context, queer theory can be described as the playful exploration of the space of possibility in concepts of gender, sexuality, identity and power. The fact that the two fields complement each other so well can be explained by the related philosophical backgrounds, from which they originate. This workshop offers a playful introduction into some core texts of queer theory and explores the following questions: 

«What is a counter-identity? How does it change when existing norms are shaken?» «When queer as a verb describes an action, what kind of queer acts can we think of?» «What are queer aesthetics, and why is ‹failure› such an important part of it?»

ps: Yes, we will actually play games, while reading theory ;)

Workshop by Carla Peca (Kein Museum)

Language: English (Text in English, discussion German and English)

Literature: Ahmed, Sara: What’s the use. On the Uses of Use, Durham/London 2019, 199–202.

Butler, Judith: Critically Queer, in id.: Bodies that Matter, New York 1993, 196–175.

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The workshop is part of the artistic research project «Queering Games» which aims to find new forms of art and exhibition practices as well as calling their reception into question. Based on Queer Theory, playing serves us as a method to challenge social (game) rules.


This workshop is realized within the framework of Queering Games with the kind support of Migros Kulturprozent. Kein Museum is supported by the Canton of Zurich (Department of Culture) and the City of Zurich (Department of Fine Arts).