KM42: à Chair de Roche

Eine Installation von Anastasia Skorik

What relationship appears between our flesh and the rock? How do we model stone for our use? 

Anastasia Skorik has investigated these questions through her fascination with quarries, exploring the ones of her region (Vaud, Valais, Neuchâtel, Jura). The resulting installation “À chair de roche” brings together materials of different media. The performative and processual video works and sculptures are concerned with our physical relation to stone. In what way does it shape our environment? And where does it come from?

Quarries are places which are formed through the industrial extraction of resources. As such, they are not only a source for architectural building materials but also in constant change. They constitute an environment from which our bodies seem to be disconnected in reference and scale. Raw materials and ever-changing rough landscapes – cuts into the earth –  render quarries rather unusual places for humans to be. “à Chair de Roche” explores the ambiguities and fluidities of these cultural landscapes in relation to our bodies. What kind of poetics can be extracted from the juxtaposition of flesh and stone, i.e. from the flesh of stone? 

Anastasia Skorik (*1998) is studying architecture at ETH Zurich. Through a project connected to her studies she developed a fascination for quarries, its processes and materials. The installation "À chair de roche" is the result of this ongoing fascination, thorough exploration through different media and also her first artistic exhibition.

Do, 1.7.2021, 18-21 Uhr
Fr, 2.7.2021, 18-21 Uhr (Screenings 19-21 Uhr)
Sa, 3.7.2021,18-21 Uhr
So, 4.7.2021, 14-18 Uhr 
Fr, 9.7.2021, 18- 21 Uhr (Screenings 19-21 Uhr)
Sa, 10.7.2021, 18-21 Uhr (Werkgespräch 19 Uhr)
So, 11.7.2021, 14-18 Uhr

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