KM38: «aiya meets self»

aiya meets self  is a interactive installation utilizing pose detection and machine improvisation to create an audiovisual dialogue. With her installation the artist Melody Chua is creating a space between machine, its creator, and the tensions that exist between the two as they navigate each other as ‘others’ and also as integral parts of each other’s identity and embodiment. 

In this interactive installation, participants use their physical bodies as an interface in which to communicate with a machine improvisor. Together, both entities build an improvisatory dialogue through sonic and visual mediums. In a time where virtual meetings and remote learning become an accepted normal, and where one develops a heightened sensitivity to what it means to have a human presence, this interactive installation plays with the notions of external embodiment, extended mind, and what constitutes an affective virtual presence in the context of improvisation. 

aiya meets self invites participants to explore this transformation of ‘other’ and ‘self’ by creating spontaneous, playful soundscapes together with the machine improvisor. The experience blurs the lines between physical and symbolic identities, plays upon fluctuating power dynamics in musical improvisation, and asks one to reimagine the tangibility and affect that can emerge from one’s own virtual presence.

Friday, 30 October , 6pm – 9  pm – Vernissage
Saturday, 31 October, 6pm – 9 pm - Exhibition
Sunday, 1 November, 4pm  – 7 pm - Exhibition
*further appointments on request

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